The Absurd Notion of Linear Time in a Post-Truth World

By Melanie Camp

What if you could rewrite history?

Linear time is a human construct. One of the many ways we attempt to order chaos. In general, it works. But does the sun first rise or set?

What if you could freeze a scene in your life, run back and erase the bits that broke your heart, then jump forward to wherever now is and continue on as if whatever happened to hurt you didn’t happen at all?

Studies suggest memory is not accurate.

We dream/conjure/manifest reality through thoughts, memory, and desire. What if manifesting was not just about affecting the future but also re-writing the past?

Imagine you could escape being a victim of someone else’s fuq up. A husband will wrap his wife in a duvet and punch her when he is angry because he learned somewhere that behavior like that is OK. Parents will beat their tiny defenseless children. The abuser abuses because they learned to, or were abused…The buck has to stop somewhere.

Whatever you went through could have killed you, but it didn’t so don’t let it kill you now.

Absolutely, you have every right to feel ripped off that you are the one lumped with the task of dragging your broken soul out from under the rubble. This does not mean you take responsibility for the abuser. Fuq them. Leave them behind under all that rubble.

Hell, Donald Trump re-writes history all the time. We live in an alternative-fact-filled-fake-news-post-truth world. Why not embrace it and use it to your advantage? Reject your past. Deny it. Re-remember it. Choose whatever frees you. Because, what is the alternative? Sitting in pain?

Whatever you went through could have killed you, but it didn’t so don’t let it kill you now.

Pull the daggers out of your heart, Unicorn.

#MeToo is overwhelming. Everywhere are hearts, stabbed deep with daggers, struggling to beat. Abusers are destroyed without a fair day in court, but the post-truth doesn’t have room for facts.  The pendulum is swinging and just like innocent women in the past were burned as witches at the stake, don’t think there won’t be men destroyed in the fire of flying accusations. Call it collateral damage.

Whatever reality is, it is irrelevant in a post-truth world.

So where to next? We can stay in the tangle of the he-said-she-said, victims in a codependent relationship with our abusers or take our hands and pull the daggers from our heart so it can beat free.

Humankind created time. Now we create truth.

The picture of the bottom (at the top) is by artist Diana Gomez and was taken at her Free Woman Exhibition held in East Los Angeles in May 2018.

The unicorn behind the three of swords card is by Kid Acne.