In Bed with Michele Knight

by Melanie Camp

Michele Knight has a cold. Yet, the psychic and astrologer looks regal propped up in her bed, radiating love and sunshine despite her sniffles. Welcoming Beautiful Hollywood into her home, and bed, Michele is ready to talk about the magic of dream chasing and as she puts it, how you can be a “sorceress of your own reality.”

The view from her room, through bay windows, is a field of donkeys who were rescued from a circus in France, rolling Devon green, and a sea shimmering like crushed diamonds.

Michele’s friends call her home The Castle. “It’s really a gothic mansion,” says Michele. Back in the day, getting a permit from the King to build a castle was a challenge that left many landholders choosing instead to build fortified manor houses that look like half a castle. Basically, mansions with a turret.

“it’s like the universe kept me going saying ‘one day, you will live in a castle.’ It’s extraordinary.”

Michele says she had always had a feeling she’d one day live in a castle. Even while pregnant and homeless, “it’s like the universe kept me going saying ‘one day, you will live in a castle.’ It’s extraordinary.” Moved off the street and into government-supported housing, Michele says she even “painted my decrepit little council flat like a castle. I had red gloss walls and little pictures. It is a testament to the law of attraction.”

Michele Knight Castle
Michele always held onto the dream that she would one day live in a castle.

A Sunday Times bestseller, Michele’s autobiography tells her story of a frenetic childhood growing up in a house with a wild Italian psychic mother. Her early years were marred by severe sexual abuse and danger. However, her psychic and spiritual path enabled her to transform her life.

Inspiring a dedicated community of fans and followers Michele’s company,, was voted best psychic company by Soul and Spirit Magazine and Michele was voted best psychic and best astrologer. A number of Britains best psychics work for Michele and she has built a huge following globally. Her YouTube channel has over 29 million views to date and hundreds and thousands follow her on social media.

Michele Knight an Seven
Celebrating Halloween. Michele with psychic medium Seven who works at Michele Knight Psychics.

The psychic says she once had a dream of being a lawyer, “but now I’m dealing with universal law.” While she laughs about it now, in reality, any dream of getting into college evaporated with the nightmare of having to leave home at thirteen.

However horrific a childhood she experienced, including fending off an ax-wielding stepfather intent on killing her mother, Michele does not feel her circumstances limited her opportunities. “I see it as my life has been set up in a way that I can be of service,” she shares with Beautiful Hollywood.

Michele says if you want to make your dreams happen you shouldn’t wait to heal yourself but instead. “do what you do and work on it. It’s a natural flow,” she explains that working to overcome any limitations born of past damage can go hand in hand with the daily job of making your dreams come true. “You don’t have to necessarily interrupt your stream of creativity to do the self-analysis.” We all have our stuff and that is OK.

“Cast out your dreams into the universe then get off your arse and do the practical steps to make it happen,” says Michele.

Practical application is practically magic when it comes to goal-stalking. “Cast out your dreams into the universe then get off your arse and do the practical steps to make it happen,” says Michele. Dream actualization happens one action at a time. “I dunno, I’ve done 20,000 articles or something ridiculous, you got to start with one. Once you do one you build up and things change,” she says.

And as far as becoming that “sorceress of your own reality” Michele says make a “cosmic order.”

Here’s how…

  • Cast one of your dreams out into the universe. Start off small but believe it with the joy and expectation of a child if a child.

  • Order it as if you’re ordering from one of those famous big companies online. So, you don’t keep checking when the order is going to come, you trust that it is coming.

  • Do something practical to create your dream.

Remember to share your success story with Michele and Beautiful Hollywood and Michele adds, “feel free to change your dream.” As we evolve, so too can our dreams and something we wanted fifteen years ago might no longer be relevant or fulfilling.

Find Michele on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and online at Listen to the full conversation with Beautiful Hollywood here at LA Talk Radio.

Michele Knight Donkey
Michele rescued baby donkey’s mum from a circus in France not knowing she was in foal.


Featured image of Michele Knight courtesy Cathy Waite Photos.