Party Like a Psychic

Some people have an office Christmas party but when you work as a psychic, celebrating Halloween is more likely your jam.

Beautiful Hollywood Party Like a Psychic 3
A Halloween Party for psychics and influences

Every year, the UK’s favorite Psychic and Astrologer, Michele Knight holds a Halloween event in Devon, England inviting influences to showcase the fabulous psychics who work with her at

“It’s a massive event, that takes three weeks out of my life, to celebrate and have people around and go a bit crazy and explore the supernatural in a fun way, having taken it seriously for the rest of the year,” explains Michele, who Soul and Spirit Magazine named Best Psychic and Best Astrologer.

Michele also used the night to give the scoop on what we can expect from her in 2019, including news of her own tarot deck and exclusive Psychic Salons.

Beautiful Hollywood Party Like a Psychic 1
Phychic and Astrologer Michele Knight with Chateau Marmont hostess Anya

Beautiful Hollywood scored an exclusive invite. This is what it is like to party at the best Halloween ever…


Beautiful Hollywood Party Like a Psychic 2
Soho influencer Liam Anderson from Baltazar, Britain’s Got Talet drag queen Russella, with Beautiful Hollywood’s Melanie Camp.