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Lauren Wilkins didn’t set out to win an Emmy®, as a kid she dreamed of representing her home town Los Angeles playing WNBA for the Sparks. “I played basketball my whole high school career…I was going to go to Standford and then play professionally,”she tells Beautiful Hollywood. 

So, what happened?  

“Things shift,” she says of her childhood dream. “I wasn’t getting the letters from the D-one schools to play basketball. It wasn’t like the Standford, UCLA, USC basketball teams that I’d wanted to go to and I thought gosh, maybe I’m not quite as good as I think I am.”

While it was humbling, Lauren says, “I don’t remember feeling I had disappointed myself or anything like that because I’d done my best.” 

In 2018, Lauren won an Emmy® as show producer on The Price is Right.

Today, Lauren has stepped up the producing ranks and works as Supervising Producer on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk.

Of climbing the ranks in such a tough industry, Lauren says it is about doing and not, “waiting for an opportunity not waiting for someone else to seek you out.”