PODCAST: Quentin Ring

Metaphors be with you

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Quentin Ring is the Executive Director at Beyond Baroque, a literary arts center in Venice, California.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Beautiful Hollywood host, Melanie Camp, chats with Ring discovering how poetry can change your life.

The Wednesday Night Workshop at Beyond Baroque has run continuously since 1969 and is where the likes of Patti Smith, Tom Waits, and legendary Los Angeles band X have all honed their craft.

Poets you should read according to Quentin Ring:

Wanda Coleman, who passed away in 2013, is remembered as the unofficial poet laureate of Los Angeles, “before we had an actual poet laureate,” says Ring.

Will Alexander Beyond Baroque’s surrealist poet in residence is “mind expanding” according to Ring.

Brendan Constantine combines music and humor with deep emotion and is “a very witty poet,” says Ring.