PODCAST: Maddison Bullock

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⚡️ R I S K⚡️ ➡️⚡️ R E W A R D⚡️

Skater, actress, and movie-maker Maddison Bullock stays accountable with a composition book and a pen…and you can too.

Elite athlete and former Team USA figure skater, Bullock is proof that taking risks lead to rewards. Her first feature, The Ice Movie is available now on Amazon and she is already working on her second through her production company, Maddness Pictures.

Find out how Bullock, armed with a simple composition book and a pen, stays accountable with a life-hack anyone can use.

Bullock shares her life-hacks with host Melanie Camp in a special  Beautiful Hollywood podcast episode recorded at Writers Blok in Culver City, Los Angeles.

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