PODCAST: Gia Gunn and Nadia Lee

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How do you take a leap when you don’t know where you are going to land?

Drag Queen and Trans activist, Gia Gunn, and Nadia Lee, owner of the international jewelry company, Aida Kibur, had to both face decisions that involved major life transitions.

Nadia left behind her dream of becoming a diplomat to start her own company, using a fake business card in a foreign country. Gia’s life transition happened, quite literally, when she went through gender reassignment surgery.  

Both women share how they persevered in the face of fear to embrace the changes they needed to make.

Plus, learn about their collaboration on Kollectin, a new full-service e-commerce app, created by Nadia for jewelry lovers, where you can try, buy, and also sell jewelry through your own Tiny Store just like Gia, who has set up her own store on the Kollectin app called Neon Vice.

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Melanie Camp interviews Gia Gunn and Nadia Lee at Neuehouse Hollywood. Photo @MaryDemi