PODCAST: Lauren Koeppe

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When plan A doesn’t turn out to BE what you expect, you may have to pivot your dream.

Create Hospitality Founder & CEO Lauren Koeppe has built a name for herself in the hospitality industry working at world class restaurants, including The Standard on the New York City High Line, Hakkasan in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Hinoki & the Bird here in Los Angeles. She’s worked with Celebrity Chefs Antonia Lofaso who has the restaurant Scopa in Venice and Australian chef Curtis Stone. Her latest venture includes two restaurants, The Peir House and Cartolina down by the Venice Pier. 

“Get out and travel, explore. Allow yourself the time to take in new information. If you’re only in the grind, in the grind then you’re not receptive to new information,” says Koeppe.

Hear how being brave enough to change direction, lead @lauren_koeppe to discover her best life. Listen to Woman, ROAR! a @BeautifulHollywood Podcast special hosted by Melanie Camp.