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Entrepreneur Stacy Blackman is the founder of SBC, The Blacklight Channel, and Stryke Club.

Stacy started her first business with two friend while still in business school. Upon graduating, the three of them sold their company to what eventually became The Knot.

In the aftermath of 9/11 and the dot.com crash, Stacy launched her next venture, Stacy Blackman Consulting. Today, her client roster stretches across 30 countries and the company has helped place thousands of people into top MBA programs.

Recently, Stacy launched her own media company, the Blacklight.co to continue to support and inspire her SBC clients upon graduation.

Always an ideas woman, Stacy started a teen skincare line just for boys called Stryke Club. Also in the mix, she is mom to three kids something she says has been more of a help in business than a hinderance.

Get ready because this is one hell of an inspiring chat about how you can set high expectations for your life and realize your dreams. Stacy breaks down being a business woman into a simple approach and while she says you shouldn’t expect it to be easy, you can make it happen.

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